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Long Straight Hairstyles

Long Straight Hairstyles one of the most envied hairstyles around the world is. Try imagining some of the most alluring beauties or famous actresses and you will definitely find some of them with long tresses.

In Indian context, a woman with long hair is considered as a classical beauty. That’s why it does not come as any surprise to find many Indian women sporting long hair.

Western film industry also has several top notch beautiful ladies who don long straight hairstyles. This hair style gives woman an image of a traditional beauty with strong feminine qualities.

If one has long locks, she can choose from a variety of hair styles. It does not matter whether the hair is straight or wavy; one can simply have numerous style options provided she is a proud owner of long locks.

Ladies with long straight hair

can choose any style as they fancy. One can let it fly and become an object of envy or pile it up high. Many women with long straight hair are playing with layered look. However, this is best suited for women with wavy locks. If you have long hair, you can either sport an open look or gently clip behind in a crowned fashion.
Long hair can also be easily pulled into a pony. It will give a casual feel to the personality. If the pony is slightly unkempt or messy, it gives more appeal to the persona.

Long hair can also be piled high in a tight fashion for special occasion. In fact, there is an exhaustive list of what women can do with straight long hair. They can simply innovate any new style as per the occasion and that would certainly invite some of the most flattering compliments.

Long straight hair also exudes up-to-date style and high confidence. It has always been a favourite of young-at-heart and glamour girls. Long straight hairstyle is definitely one of the most popular and versatile hair styles.


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